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Patented Sound Pillar

The SoundPillar is an engineered interposer built inside of Gopherwood Guitars that connects the front soundboard with the back of the guitar. The SoundPillar tunes and shapes the response of the acoustic body. Each SoundPillar is manufactured with patented technology using special materials to achieve this capability.

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TGA22P-GW Preamp

The TGA22-GW is a dual-channel pickup optimized for Gopherwood Guitars. It was developed in cooperation with our technology partner SH Creative Music. The two channels combine to create an output that has the balance and refinement that you’d expect from a recording studio.

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Sound Sample

Installing or changing the type of SoundPillar extends the range of styles and sonic contrast of your Gopherwood Guitar. The different materials each offer a ‘voice’ for the guitar to provide versatility for the contemporary musician.

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One Guitar, Five Sounds

  • SoundPillar
  • Walnut Wood tip
  • Compressed Wood tip
  • Ebony Wood tip
  • Maple Wood tip
  • Brass tip

- By changing the upper and lower tips of the SoundPillar, the range of acoustic flavors, from warm to cool, and dark to sparkling, can be all yours within the same Gopherwood Guitar. You get to choose, depending on your style and your audience.